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Recipe: Baked Apples with Quinoa

Quinoa Baked Apples 1

If you’ve tried quinoa before but don’t have enough ideas for how to use it in recipes, here’s a great sweet treat to try. Baked apples are a wonderful dessert and are incredibly Autumnal, but really can be enjoyed at any time of the year. By baking the apple you concentrate its flavour and is […]

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Mental Health at Work: World Mental Health Day 2017

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How often do you check in with yourself? Checking off your to-do list in your head, making a mental note for something and trying to remember the information a colleague told you about that important meeting last week. All necessary, everyday duties, but we mean how often do you check in with your inner workings and measure your own mental […]

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5 Cost-Effective Ways Employers Can Support Workplace Wellbeing


Emails pinging in ’til midnight, early morning breakfast meetings, stress-related absences and higher targets than ever before. It’s no wonder that work stress is putting pressure on employees’ mental health and their work/life balance is suffering as a result. Workplace wellbeing is one of the most important factors in modern adult life, as salaries and […]

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Recipe: ‘Bramble’ Blackberry Galette


Blackberries are called ‘Brambles’ in the UK and are one of the last summer fruits, in peak season right up until early Autumn. This blackberry galette is the simplest way to make a tart from the bountiful blackberries at this time of year. Galettes are the perfect quick dessert option as they are a DIY tart […]

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Fitness: Challenge Yourself To CrossFit

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When focusing on fitness and committing to a healthier, more active routine, it’s important to align yourself with like-minded people in environments that encourage you to meet challenges and fulfil your goals. We’ve always been active members of CrossFit and feel it’s one of the best ways to keep in shape. For some people, solo […]

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5 Deadly Co-Working Spaces in Dublin

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Whether it’s a brightly designed, aesthetically pleasing place to work; a space equipped with a kitchen; 24/7 access to an office required; or just a space to create amongst others, co-working is the new trend making freelance life a little less lonely. Even small businesses with one, two or a small handful of employees are […]

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